Eat & Drink

A variety of restaurants to meet your dining needs.

Baker and Spice

Their philosophy is simple: local, organic, fresh and homemade. Award-winning bakery serving breakfast, lunch, dinner, coffee and fresh juices.

Cafe Meem

Oriental all-day dining cafe, centered around a specialty oven and coffee brewery, in a homey yet exciting atmosphere.

Chocolate Gate

All-day restaurant serving main dishes as well as an array of chocolate desserts.

Cocoa Room

Popular breakfast and brunch restaurant from the founders of Slider Station and Open Flame Kitchen.


Kuwaiti fusion restaurant showcasing live cooking by Kuwaiti chefs with their take on local dishes.


Restaurant serving classic Iranian dishes

Haleeb o Heil

Traditional Kuwaiti cafe serving classic dishes such as Darabeel, Gors Ogaili, Lsan Thour, Beryani, Machbous and sandwiches.

Kashounat Al-Bait

Local restaurant and cafe serving Kuwaiti and continental Arabic food.

Mayfair Grill

Upscale brasserie serving steak as well as breakfast.

Over Jar

A cafe thats main speciality is deserts.


French patisserie serving coffee and French pastries and baked goods.


Delicious shawarma wraps and other Lebanese meals.


Located in JACC, white robata is a fusion of fine japanese-American dining.

Ves Vas

Our cafe is the perfect place to settle in with a cup of coffee. With our wide selection of choices, you can fill your appetite with our diverse menu, or quench your thirst with one of our many fresh juices. Our pure ingredients, simple drinks and delicious food, make it an ideal place to relax and chill. Our coffee shop is designed in a very unique manner, providing a different experience.

Stop by and see what’s good.

Villa Fayrouz

Villa Fayrouz is a fine dine-in Lebanese serving a variety of Lebanese items made with passion.

beit shoukri

Food/beverages A restaurant that is specialized in Egyptian food.

days cafe

المسارح والقاعات

مركز الشيخ جابر الأحمد الثقافي هو منبر للتبادل الثقافي والبيئة التي تحتوي الجميع في كافة المجالات الثقافية والفنية والأدبية ومحطة الإبداع والتفكير الحر في دولة الكويت والوطن العربي واستحضار الهوية الكويتية وإعادة تشكيلها من خلال الوسائل الإبداعية الحديثة.


المركز الثقافي

مركز الشيخ جابر الأحمد الثقافي منبع الإلـهــام، والتــعليــم، والتثــقيـف.


المأكولات والمشروبات

يوفر المركز عدة خيارات لإشباع رغبة الزوار، يستمتع الزائر بأشهى المأكولات المحلية والعالمية وسط أجواء جميلة.


.توفير منصة ومنتدى لدعم إبداعات الشباب الكويتي

.منح فرص للتعليم في كافة المجالات الثقافية والفنية والأدبية خلال مؤتمرات وورشات العمل والندوات

.تبادل العروض الموسيقية المحلية والسينمائية والمسرحية والأوبرالية على مستوى عالمي وفي دولة الكويت والوطن العربي